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Active Electronics


Audio Press Mult


This is the ROX Press Mult Box. This unit is used in Press Conferences to distribute audio to broadcasters and the written press that records these events for accuracy and reference . A microphone mixer or pre-amp is plugged into this unit and its outputs feed a compatible audio signal to the inputs on TV cameras and small audio recorders used by the news media. The unit has 1 Line level input and 16 mic or line level outputs. The thing that makes this Mult amazing is that each output has two amplifiers operating into a high nickle core transformer. Dual transformer secondary winding's provide both Mic level and line level outputs.

XLR and 1/4" RTS connectors are parallel and can be user switched between mic level and line level transformer winding's. Set in a Zero Case this unit can go where it is needed.




2 Channel Compressor

2 Channel Compressor


Our goal is to offer a high quality two channel compressor at a reasonable price. The 3252 Compressor fills that requirement. The attack and release times are fixed true RMS time constants. The compressor has three controls per channel. Ratio, Threshold and Output Gain. An analogue VU meter indicates the amount of gain reduction. Inputs and outputs are true active balanced with XLR connectors. The compressors VCA engine is a THAT Corporation 4301 IC and also features THAT input output buffer chipsets. This units superior sonic performance is far beyond it’s price point and THAT ROX.



 ZERO Difference Summing Amplifier

ZERO Difference Summing Amplifier


The Zero Difference Summing Amplifier is designed to produce a mono sum from right and left stereo channels. The unique feature of this unit is that the mono sum is identical in frequency and phase response to the right and left channels. Furthermore stereo integrity is maintained input to output. Two sets of isolated true stereo and mono outputs are provided. This is important when used in a left center right sound reinforcement (PA) system. To render this unit more versatile, up to 3 stereo inputs can be connected and are mixed into the left center right output channels. Inputs to all outputs are shipped set at unity gain. All input/output and internal summing and dividing circuits are low impedance and balanced. Wide bandwidth, ample headroom, star point grounding and extreme power supply decoupling throughout renders superior performance. 


 2.20 Audio Distribution Amplifier

2.20 Audio Distribution Amplifier


The 2.20 Audio Distribution Amplifier stands out among all other audio DAs. This unit consist of two mono block 1 X 10 DAs. Each DA has its own power supply providing good transient current drive and enhanced 24/7 reliability. Inputs and outputs are active balanced. Furthermore, each output has a drive IC for greater interface flexibility and superior isolation. Input output connectors are Phoenix terminal blocks. Star point grounding through out and THAT Corporation chip sets provide superior performance.