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ROX Electronics, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing quality analog products for the professional audio/video industry. Every effort has been made to ensure that our products are durable in construction with excellent electronic reliability. The sonic integrity of each product within our line of products is our first priority. Every ROX product is handmade to the highest standards obtainable.

ROX Electronics, Inc. is located in Howard County Maryland & is classified as a small business. All ROX products are designed and assembled in the United States of America.


A Letter From the CEO:

On a regular basis I make it a point to visit existing and potential ROX Electronics customers. The purpose of my visits is to see how my products are doing, get ideas for future development and demonstrate the new stuff. Recently I was visiting recording studios in both Arizona and Maryland to demonstrate my 2 channel compressor limiter. One question came up at almost every visit: Whose compressor does your unit sound like? At first I didn’t understand the question, then it hit me; there are a lot of people in the studio market producing clones of vintage sound equipment. Hence the question: Who do you sound like? 

I feel like I need to address this common question; I have not built or designed any of the ROX products to physically or sonically resemble any piece of audio gear, famous or not so famous. I strive for sonic excellence and durable performance in all of the ROX products that I design and build. Every design has a sonic signature that makes it unique. My design goal is and has been to produce a very clear and musical sound that packs a lot of punch. So I would say that ROX equipment has a unique sound of its own. 

I truly hope that you will give me an opportunity to make ROX products one of the elements that will be a part of your sound equipment collection. I appreciate that you have taken the time to check out all of the ROX products shown herein. If I can be of any assistance please contact me at your convenience.

Thank You!

David Eltzroth
CEO ROX Electronics, Inc.